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Recovery is key

Healthy fitness habits reign supreme at Hive Active, which is why recovery is an integral part of our approach. We encourage all our members to take the time pre and post workouts to give back to their bodies by way of some soft tissue zen through our Recovery + Massage services.

air compression, electrode stimulation and percussion massage equipment
massage percussion gun working on shoulder
Recovery Hive

We have a dedicated area where you can stretch, mobilise and recuperate. We call it the Recovery Hive and it’s chock full of yoga mats and blocks, myofascial release balls and rollers, mobility sticks, and massage percussion guns.

child's pose

GOWOD is a stretching and mobilisation program that features pre and post WOD protocols to help you recover faster and prevent injury. Accessed via the GOWOD app as part of our CrossFit affiliation, GOWOD is available to our Unlimited and Twice a Week members and can be done in the Recovery Hive at a time that suits you.

air compression, electrode stimulation and percussion massage equipment
Recharge room

Recharge room – If you’re looking for maximum recovery with minimum input from you, then the recharge room is your new favourite chill zone. This room is home to our premium range of recovery equipment, including:

Air compression recovery gear: think of it as high-tech, deep pressure, recovery massage equipment that enhances blood flow and speeds recovery for your legs (recovery boots), and your glutes, obliques, lower back and upper legs (recovery shorts).

Compex muscle stimulation therapy: a non-invasive workout and recovery technology that uses electrical impulses to maintain and restore muscle volume, improve your strength, and help you relax and recover faster.

PEMF and Far Infrared therapy:  A PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) session helps to recharge your system. Working at the cellular level, PEMF stimulates cell activity, promotes neural regeneration, increases blood circulation in and around damaged tissue, and increases ATP production. When combined with Far Infrared mode, your PEMF session and benefits are given an added boost (and it feels soooo good).

Bookings are essential for all Recharge Room equipment, and sessions are included in our Ultimate Fitness + Recovery membership.

massage therapy
Massage Therapy

Massage – As part of our recovery services, we offer a range of massage therapy options which are currently delivered from the Encompass Health Care clinic, just across the road from Hive Active’s training facilities.

Remedial Massage – Recognised by health funds and with on-the-spot HICAPS claiming available, our remedial massage sessions combine systematic assessment with a variety of therapeutic modalities to address specific muscular dysfunction and assist with pain management and injury rehabilitation. Modalities include but aren’t limited to deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, stretching techniques and joint mobilisation.

Sports Massage – ideal for athletes and active people looking to optimise muscular function and prevent/reduce incidence of injury, enhance athletic performance, facilitate post-event recovery and reduce muscular tension.

Relaxation massage – bliss out with a relaxation massage session.

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